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Welcome to Purple Briefcase

careertoolbox-getpurple-01What is Purple Briefcase?

Laurus College is very excited to introduce Purple Briefcase, a new career readiness platform that helps students and grads stay up to date with the latest career search tools, tips, and technology.

The Purple Briefcase System provides a private social media platform for networking and video education content and many other tools that are aimed at helping students enter their career field. This product is free to all Laurus College students and alumni.

What Laurus Students are Saying About Purple Briefcase:

“Getting signed up with Purple Briefcase really gives you the help you need when starting out job searching. I have used Purple Briefcase to help me prepare for job interviews using the videos and chat rooms. There you may ask questions that come up when looking into a new career like what to put on a resume or how to dress for an interview.”Rudy H., IT & Professional Business Systems Student

“I love the videos, they are super helpful!”Nishall G., Professional Business Systems Student

“Kudos to Laurus College on creating this helpful site for students.”Ed V., Professional Business Systems Student

“Thank you! I really love Purple Briefcase, it helps me a lot and I will keep on increasing my score.”Regina D., Professional Business Systems Student

Your Purple Score

Purple Score

Once you log-in, your progress will be tracked using a ‘Purple Score’ system that awards points for completing tasks related to your job search (resume development, interview preparation, etc.).

Top Purple Scores


Justine E. 50
Felicia G. 48
Cathy L.  45
Samantha H. 43
Nichole C. 42
Kathy M. 42
Emmanuel G. 40
Tanja T. 36
Maria G. 33
Gene G. 31
Marilyn H. 31
Natalie P. 30
Michael P. 30
Stephanie H. 30
Matthew W.  30
Korrie H.  29
Carmen F. 27
Chantel F. 26
Blanca C. 26
Karen B. 23
Get Noticed. Be Prepared. Get Purple.