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Digital Arts and Computer Animation

Laurus College – Digital Arts and Computer Animation Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree

About Digital Arts and Computer Animation

The Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Computer Animation prepares students for a multi-faceted career in the animation industry, including video game development, feature film animation, and visual effects creation.

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Program Highlights:

The goal of this Bachelor’s Degree program is to help students develop the creative and technical skills essential to pursuing a successful career in the computer animation industry. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire fundamental and advanced techniques used throughout the computer animation industry by conducting research, practical application, and self-development. As part of the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to develop skills in:

• Illustration
• Concept Art Creation
• Color Theory
• Polygon Modeling
• Digital Sculpting
• Texture Painting
• Lighting
• Animation
• Animation Rig Development
• Rendering
• Compositing
• Developing Scripts
• Modifying 3D Scan Data
• Working with Game Engines

The Digital Arts & Computer Animation Bachelor of Science degree is available Online and at all Laurus College locations:

San Luis Obispo
Santa Maria

Students will use industry standard software to explore different techniques used to model, texture, rig, animate, and render digital works of art. Students will also be expected to develop a portfolio that can be used to seek employment within the computer animation industry. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Computer Animation, students can pursue careers in a number of fields, including VFX and feature films, video games, product visualization, and computer graphics.

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Learning Goals:

Communication: Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills; communicate concisely, professionally, and accurately in various professional modes, including emails and presentations.

Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills by formulating problems and developing achievable solutions; create, analyze and evaluate appropriate solutions, including those for ambiguous problems; streamline information for relevancy; effectively articulate their thinking processes throughout the problem-solving process.

Creativity: Students will exhibit a strong understanding of principles of design, color theory, and composition to create captivating 2D and 3D computer graphics, including illustrations, characters, environments, and animations; demonstrate an understanding of the techniques used in planning, developing, and finalizing digital works of art to meet production requirements in a timely manner.

Proficiency: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the proper workflow for a verity of software used throughout the animation industry, recognize individual software strengths, utilize creative control provided by software, develop a tailored skillset to achieve industry readiness, and apply practical application skillset to real world production problems.

Specialization: Students will demonstrate skillfulness and problem solving abilities of one or more particular specializations within the animation production pipeline, including, illustration, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and compositing for feature film, VFX, and video games.

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Career Summary:

Digital Arts and Computer Animation professionals create special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in products or creations, such as computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.

Potential Careers:

3D Animator
Graphic Artist
Art Director
Creative Director
Video Game Designer

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Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Video Game Designers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 15-1199.11

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 25-1194.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Art Directors
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1011.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1013.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Multimedia Artists and Animators
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1014.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Graphic Designers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1024.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-2012.01

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