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Web Design and Development

Web Design Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree

About Web Design and Development

The Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Development prepares students for a career in the expansive web design industry.

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Program Highlights:

The goal of this Bachelor’s Degree program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in web design, front-end development, digital marketing, brand development, usability design, and content creation. As part of the curriculum, student will have the opportunity to develop skills in:

• Web Page Authoring
• Adobe Photoshop
• Graphic Design
• Data Management
• Client-Side Scripting
• Motion Graphics
• Web Frameworks
• Digital Business Development
• Digital Advertising
• Desktop Publishing
• Web Content Creation
• Social Media Management
• Brand Management
• Marketing

The Web Design and Development program is available Online and at all Laurus College locations:

San Luis Obispo
Santa Maria

Web authoring courses focus on crafting web pages utilizing modern coding techniques to create mobile ready, responsive web sites using semantically correct code. Students also learn how to leverage existing technologies and frameworks to build pages and sites quickly and easily, and to apply both client and server-side code to improve their user experience. The digital marketing courses focus on researching and applying data toward creating campaigns that meet both user and business goals, as well as equip students with the primary concepts and skills necessary to manage social media communities and to design, develop, and deploy touch points to maximize conversions. Content creation and design courses build student skills in writing, image development, audio/video editing, and multimedia creation, as well as graphic design and layout skills, with an eye toward developing concrete visual hierarchies and utilizing design patterns and trends effectively. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Development, students can pursue careers in several fields, including web design, social media marketing, advertising, desktop publishing, instructional design, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

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Learning Goals:

Web Authoring: Plan and build responsive web solutions using modern HTML and CSS techniques.

Web Frameworks: Build and manage an eCommerce-based website that utilizes a modern back-end framework including plugins, themes, and custom code.

Design: Develop skills toward creating eye-catching designs based on solid principles that communicate a specific message and drive engagement through call to action.

Coding: Demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of programming through client-side and server-side scripting languages.

Marketing: Measure, categorize, and compare data to create user personas and develop customer scenarios to build marketing plans, create landing pages, develop advertisements, and launch social media campaigns.

Usability Design: Demonstrate an industry accepted pipeline for researching and developing websites based on usability principles while utilizing information architecture to organize content into logical groupings with appropriate navigation, and applying interaction design techniques to improve website usability and quality.

Content Creation: Develop text, images, audio/video, and multimedia content consistent with brand goals to encourage customer engagement and conversions for use in digital marketing, desktop publishing, eLearning, websites, and other applications.

Community Management: Demonstrate the management of online communities via creating a growth strategy to attract new users while developing relationships, creating community content, instigating discussions, and improving user experience.

Social Media Management: Create profiles and develop content that is both consistent with the culture for each of the major social media networking platforms and matches the brand tone and personality.

Branding: Plan and produce a brand identity and develop materials to support its tone and personality.

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Career Summary:

Web Design professionals design, create, and modify web sites. This includes analyzing user needs to implement web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity, and may also involve integrating web sites with other computer applications. Web designers also convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of web and multimedia content.

Potential Careers:

Digital Marketing Specialist
Front End Web Developer
UI Designer
Web Designer
Web Developer

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Administrative Support Coordinator
Applications Developer
Basic Website / E-Commerce Maintenance / I.T.
Corporate Webmaster
Digital Account Executive
Digital Advertising Copy Writer
Digital Advertising Writer
Digital Artist
Digital Communications Specialist
Digital Copywriter
Digital Marketing Assistant
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Optimization Specialist
Digital Production Artist
Digital Production Director
Digital Publications Designer
Digital Sales Representative
Entry Level Web Design Specialist
Freelance Digital Copywriter
Front End Web Developer
Graphic Artist
Graphic Designer
Help Desk Analyst
Internet Marketing Consultant
Internet Marketing Specialist
Internet Programmer
Internet Sales
Jr. Web Developer
Online Support Specialist
Owner, E Commerce Company
PPC & Paid Media Specialist
Quality Assurance Analyst (QA Analyst)
Social Media Coordinator
Technical Support Specialist
UI Designer
Web Content Specialist
Web Content Writer
Web Copy Editor
Web Design Teacher
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Development Specialist
Web Instructor
Web Programmer
Web Project Coordinator
Web Project Manager
Web Sales Clerk
Web Site Manager
WordPress Front End Developer & Creative
Wordpress Web Development & Design

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Web Developers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 15-1134.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Web Administrators
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 15-1199.03

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Advertising and Promotions Managers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 11-2011.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Online Merchants
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 13-1199.06

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Computer Programmers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 15-1131.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Search Marketing Strategists
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 15-1199.10

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 25-1194.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Art Directors
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1011.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Multimedia Artists and Animators
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1014.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Graphic Designers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 27-1024.00

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):
Desktop Publishers
ONET Link: ONET Online
SOC Code: 43-9031.00

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