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How to Pursue a Business Career in the 21st Century

Career Guide - Business
Laurus College can open the doors to a successful career in business. Whether you’re interested in working for an established company or launching your own enterprise, an Associate Degree in Professional Business Systems can help you achieve your goals.

Follow these 10 steps to launch your business career:

1) Invest in Your Future: Earning an Associate Degree in Professional Business Systems (PBS) is an investment in yourself. You’ll take the classes you need to navigate today’s business world and learn the most in-demand skills.

2) Perfect Your Communication Skills: Effective communication skills are vital to a business. The better your communication skills, the more likely you are to get the job you want and increase your earning potential.

3) Improve Your Software Skills: Among the top skills that employers look for in a job candidate, proficiency in Microsoft Office® often comes as the second most important skill. Mastering the five most desirable Microsoft Office® programs: Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint®, Publisher®, Excel®, and Access® will give you a competitive edge in business.

4) Build Your Portfolio: Every PBS course you take gives you the opportunity to create valuable, real-life materials that showcase your skills. When you include these in your final portfolio, you’ll gain the edge you need to find the job you want.

5) Expand Your Network: To achieve success in business, it’s important to build a network of professional connections. At Laurus College you’ll learn how to build and cultivate your LinkedIn profile, add contacts and connect with industry experts – including your PBS Instructors who are all experienced in the business world.

6) Strengthen Your Job Search Skills: It’s challenging to find the perfect job in a competitive market, but with the support of Career Services and Purple Briefcase (a proven professional job search and career development platform), you’ll stand out from the crowd!

7) Create Your Business Plan: At Laurus College, the PBS courses are geared to giving you the skills you need to succeed in the modern workplace. You’ll learn how business works from both a management and entrepreneurial perspective. You’ll even come up with an idea for and write a viable business plan of your own from beginning to end.

8) Plan Your Strategy: You’ll engage in real-life assignments that put your skills to the test so that at the end of your program, you can get the job you want. By leveraging your knowledge, you’ll be able to streamline your game plan and gain insight into what you need to do to succeed.

9) Boost Your Opportunities: Finding your dream job boils down to finding opportunities and then knowing how to successfully present and sell yourself. With each PBS course you take, you’ll go on virtual field trips and learn about well-known companies – and then learn the skills you need to find the job that best suits you.

10) Increase Your Value: The PBS Department at Laurus College offers more than industry-standard technology and relevant course offerings. Our instructors are accomplished business professionals with the inside knowledge of what makes a business successful and the skills and expertise that you’ll need to succeed in the niche you’ve chosen.

Succeeding in business takes work, but enrolling in Laurus College’s Professional Business Systems Associate Degree program and following the 10 steps listed above, will soon have you on your way to the successful future you’ve always dreamed of achieving!

Any questions? Contact the Career Services Department at Laurus College: (805) 267-1690.

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