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How to Get Your Dream Job in a Medical Office

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There are a unique set of steps that lead to getting a job in any field and Medical Billing, Coding and Office Support is no different. Here are a set of tried and proven steps into this field:

1. Complete an accredited Billing and Coding Program from a school like Laurus College that employs instructors who have actually worked in the profession and know what it takes to do the job.

2. Get your initial certifications based on the Billing and Coding niches you think you will find most enjoyable and where your natural talents lie. Add new certifications each year. Billing and Coding is a field that constantly changes.

3. Get experience in the medical arena. This is the step many medical billing and coding job seekers want to skip. Some have the expectation of coming right out of school and working from home making buckets of money. It doesn’t work like that in Medical Billing and Coding and it doesn’t work like that in any other field either. You may have to work as a volunteer in the beginning. Or you may want to find a position as a medical receptionist and work your way up or sideways to a billing or coding position.

4. Clarify your Strengths. The combination of education and experience should give you a good indication where your unique strengths lie. Every week I talk with billers and coders about job search. Some prospective coders love the idea of crunching numbers in a more isolated type of work. Prospective billers may love the idea of sitting at the center of a hub interacting with patients, doctors, nurses and insurance companies. Identify your unique group of strengths and make a decision to develop those strengths until you become world class at your craft.

5. Target coding and billing niches based on your strengths. Do you want to work for a hospital? Do you want to work in a doctor’s office in a general practice setting? Maybe a specialist would fit you? How about an urgent care facility? Would you enjoy working for a large outsource company? How about work from home? Maybe you’d like to be a traveling coder. Supervision, management, teaching and consulting are viable aspirations as you grow.

6. Customize your Resume and Cover Letter! In today’s economy, you need a near-perfect resume that is specifically targeted to each unique position.

7. Prepare for the Interview. Company research and appropriate attire are a must.

8. Contact medical offices directly. Learn to find jobs in the “Hidden Job Market”. Don’t wait for posted positions! Once the position is posted, you have to compete with dozens, if not hundreds of other job seekers.

9. Leverage Electronic Strategies. Set up a professional email and check it twice a day. Make sure your cell phone is set up with voice mail and the message box is kept clear. Learn effective strategies for filling out online applications.

10. Build an effective Relationship Network. I don’t mean have a few friends. I mean learn to connect professionally with people who can help you get to the next step of your medical billing career. Build a LinkedIn Profile. Join Medical Billing and Coding Groups on LinkedIn and connect with others in your profession.

Any questions? Contact the Career Services Department at Laurus College: (805) 267-1690.

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