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Career Toolbox

A Guide to Accelerated Job Search

Finding a job that puts you on the career path to your dream job has a sequence. Like opening a combination lock, it’s not enough to simply have the right numbers. You must have the right numbers and the right sequence. Even a slight variation can leave the lock, and the job you want closed.

Begin with the introductory module, “Getting Started” and then work through each of the additional eight steps in order, putting you on the path to a serious, aggressive, accelerated job search.

As Zig Ziglar used to say, “The elevator to the top is out of order, but there is no waiting to get to the top, if you’re willing to take the stairs.” This is true in job search, and it is true with every phase of your career development.

The Laurus Job Search Strategy

Here are the 8 Steps of Job Search we focus on…

STEP 1 Standout Strengths & Selling Points
STEP 2 Targeting Companies & People Who Can Help You Get Hired
STEP 3 Resume Documents & Portfolio
STEP 4 Interview Preparation
STEP 5 Visibility Contacts & The Hidden Job Market
STEP 6 Employer Postings & Applications
STEP 7 Relationship Networking & Reputation Management
STEP 8 Staffing Services & Placement Companies

Career Guides

Digital Arts & Computer Animation
Digital Arts & Computer Animation
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Information Technologies and Network Systems
IT & Network Systems
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Medical Office
Now Available

Professional Business Systems
Now Available

Web Design
Web Design
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Purple Briefcase

Purple Briefcase - Get Purple
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Purple Briefcase - Get Purple
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