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At Laurus College, we are dedicated to providing every student with a quality education and a quality experience that prepares you for success in the global marketplace of the modern world. Our success as a school and your success in your career depend on all of us doing our utmost to build a strong commitment to our goals. We wish you good luck and look forward to working with you and being part of your success story!

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Digital Arts & Computer Animation

Occupational Associate Degree | Bachelor of Science Degree
Learn how to model, texture and animate 3D characters using Maya software, and prepare for a career in the digital arts, film and video game design & development industries.

Medical Billing & Coding

Occupational Associate Degree
Study medical insurance, records, terminology and medical front office administration to gain the skills needed for a career in the fast-growing healthcare industry.

Web Design & Development

Occupational Associate Degree | Bachelor of Science Degree
Train for a career in the dynamic field of web design by exploring web page planning & production strategies, formatting, scripting languages and mobile app development.

Information Tech & Network Systems

Occupational Associate Degree | Bachelor of Science Degree
Train for a career in the ever-expanding Information Technology (IT) industry by learning how to maintain computer hardware & software, implement networks, and manage information systems.

Business Systems

Occupational Associate Degree | Bachelor of Science Degree

Prepare for an exciting career in today's business world by advancing your knowledge in the areas of accounting, marketing, management and business start-up.

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My first day on the job I told my supervisor that I was very excited to start my new career as an IT Technician. He told me, "Your career actually began when you chose to attend Laurus College."

Ryan G., Graduate, Information Technology